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Realest thing I ever wrote.

Realest thing I ever wrote.




The animal rescue group Bill Foundation helped an abandoned dog learn how to love again. Watch the inspiring video here. 

rescue dogs FOREVER

I’m crying I want him!

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I guess you ain’t really hungry then.
A response from the home owner, usually a parent or grandparent, when one rejects their undesirable food options. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition (via blackproverbs)

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We’re never too messed up that Jesus can’t redeem us. He proved that by dying for us to show that He would go anywhere, even to the point of death, to get to us.
Jesus cares about you. Jesus is the God of showing and proving, not just saying.

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Too often, the only escape is sleep.
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#SUSA #HowardUniversity // @40inthetrunk


#SUSA #HowardUniversity // @40inthetrunk

Chance The Rapper Juice (chopped not slopped)
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// Higher education //

Walk walk walk. The hustle and bustle 
Of nervous, excited, tense adult children.. 
The frenzy of freedom mixed with thoughts of graduation. 
Fears of the unknown. 
Walk forward; head down. No eye contact. Quick smile.
Hey how are you,
Good bye. .. 
Uncertainty. Heads buried in books.. Pretty girls given sheepish looks;
High heels and high eyes..
And even lower self esteem. 
Time lost; grades found. 
Dark nights with tear stained cheeks.. Early morning with fake smiles and glazed eyes. 
They said higher education was the key.. But examinations are the locks… 
Time runnin out. They shout, 
“When is yo baby gon graduate”
Angry eyes, and even angrier bills, 
Time runnin out. 
Walk walk walk.
Hustle and bustle, don’t look to the side or the front.. 
Here they come..
With the chains.



No media about the fact that there’s a All Male,  African American High school on the southside of chicago who year after year has a 100% graduating senior class who ALL get accepted to 4 year universities/colleges.

they just want to talk about how whether a person’s death on the southside is gang related or not.


This is ridiculously impressive.

I’m just looking up sources, and the statistics are really incredible.

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